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I've been in the community space since 2016, most notably working on the Salesforce Trailblazer Community team. Specializing in the operational components of running a community, my focus is centered around processes and optimizations, platforms and tech stack (including general management, implementations, migrations, integrations), data and metrics, program management, and ensuring operational excellence for both the front and back of the house.

Community Experience

Chief Operations Officer at Talkbase

  • Initially contracted as a Strategic Community Advisor and was later asked to join full time as COO

  • Re-launched the Talkbase Friends Community, hosted on Slack 

  • Created and managed community roadmap with strategic initiatives, programs, and events

  • Weekly meetings with Talkbase CEO to discuss community initiatives and goals

  • Provide product insight and feedback to build product roadmap and improve features

  • Created and launched the Talkbase Ambassador Program 

  • Scoped and implemented customer experience and success journey

  • Created product documentation knowledge base

Director, Community Operations at Venafi, Warrior Community

  • Managed vendor selection process and implementation for online community platform

  • Owned data migration for 600 ideas, replies, and votes from UserVoice to inSided

  • Owned tech stack architecture and platform management - SSO, integrations, data, and reporting

  • Brought visibility of cross-functional data related to community value to stakeholders by creating and managing reports and dashboards

  • Created and managed community roadmap 

  • Oversaw process of adding three new audience segments into the community

  • Created numerous automations through custom development and no-code automations via Zapier to streamline processes and provide an increased visibility to community activity for stakeholders

  • Facilitated cross-functional collaboration and increased understanding of community by conducting internal enablement and training sessions and participating in team offsites


Co-Founder of Community OPServations 

  • Co-founded Community OPServations, a community for community operations in April 2021 

  • Hosted 14+ monthly meetings with operational topics

  • Created repository of presentations and meeting recordings for members

  • Grew community to 210+ members across 31 countries

Instructor, Community Club C School, Community Operations course

  • Commissioned by Community Club to create an asynchronous course on community operations

  • Wrote and edited all components of the 58 unit course, covering an introductory overview of community operations and responsibilities included in the role

  • Delivered all components on time 

Senior Program Manager at Salesforce, Trailblazer Community

  • Managed community programs, encompassing 3 million members, 1,900 group leaders, and 300 Salesforce MVPs, with an emphasis on scalability and operational efficiency

  • Implemented and managed tech stack, including event management platform (Bevy), swag site (partnered with Staples), and CRM (Salesforce), which includes all leader application and onboarding, group and meeting management and reimbursements, Salesforce MVP nominations and renewals, knowledge base and support, and content library

  • Established scalable processes for support (via Service Cloud), created and maintained knowledge base, email templates, troubleshooting documentation, and triaging procedure, for handling 900+ cases per month

  • Created end-to-end group leader application and onboarding process to support an average of 94 new leaders per month

  • Led nominations, renewals, and announcement process for the Salesforce MVP program, a global and highly visible program focused on recognizing top community contributors

  • Conducted community feedback sessions via surveys and focus groups, and as a result implemented new innovative community tools, like the reimbursement portal where leaders could submit meeting expense reimbursements, and a content library

  • Built reports and dashboards for all community programs, consistently worked to maintain data integrity and provide wider team and exec visibility to community health, flagging any trends for further investigation

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